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The Municipal Authority of Buffalo Township is one of the few municipal authorities in Pennsylvania who produce their own water and treat their own sewage.  This means that our employees have to be experts in all aspects of water treatment.   We are proud of the experts we have on our staff and we never get tired of talking about the science of water treatment.


We would love to have the opportunity to show you our Water filtration plant in Freeport Borough and our new Buffalo Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sarver.  Contact our office or click the link below and we will arrange a time for your and/or your group to visit us and learn more about the science and mechanics of water treatment.


In the mean time, why not take a virtual tour of our facilities right now? Click the appropriate link below and find out how water and wastewater treatment happens.



Find out where your water comes from

on a virtual tour of our

Stanley K. Swank

Freeport Filter Plant



Learn about wastewater treatment

on a virtual tour of our

Cecil C. Furer

Buffalo Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant


Would you like to see one of these plants in person?

Perhaps you have a group interested in an educational tour?

We can do that.  Contact our office at 724-295-2703

or E-Mail us at mabt@zoominternet.net