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The Authority was created in 1967 by the Buffalo Township Supervisors for the purpose of creating a public water system.  As the years went by this rural community grew at a steady rate and the Authority grew along with it.  In the mid 1980’s, the Authority was in need of a new source of water.  After failing in repeated attempts to secure a surface water supply permit for nearby Buffalo Creek, they purchased the adjacent water system in Freeport Borough from General Waterworks. 


Although in need of many repairs, the Freeport Water System was a wise purchase for the Municipal Authority of Buffalo Township because it gave us the one thing we could not do without: a permit to draw 1.25 million gallons per day from the Allegheny River.  This purchase secured an adequate supply of water for our growing customer base.


The Authority went to work immediately on two priority items, bringing the plant operation up to acceptable standards and constructing a pumping station to connect Freeport to their existing system in Buffalo Township.  By October of 1990 the plant was operating on both filters and consistently producing quality water.  With ever changing water quality regulations, the Authority realized the need to invest in the treatment plant.  In October 2013, the Stanley K. Swank Freeport Water Treatment Plant went online.  The treatment processes include Actiflo clarification and membrane filtration.  These processes are a smaller footprint and allow room for expansion, if necessary.   To date, the Municipal Authority of Buffalo Township provides drinking water to Freeport Borough, Buffalo Township, and through an agreement executed in 1989, South Buffalo Township.

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